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Sunday, February 26, 2012

Stash- Elvis On Tour

I bought this fabric collection titled "Elvis On Tour" for my stash. Love this fabric- my mom is the biggest Elvis fan. Maybe I should have said was because
she's pretty hooked on George Strait too.
But I saw it and had to have it. We grew up on Elvis music and I like to listen to Sirius channel 13 when I'm on the road.

Great fabric.

Friday, February 24, 2012

New Fabric- MM Botanika Wing Study by Paula Prass

This is our new fabric in the etsy store. It is also by Michael Miller. To see the full collection of the Botanika fabrics go here. This is the Wing Study Meadows colorway and it has oranges, yellows, greens and reds. The Pastille colorway has pastels in pink, yellow, green and such. It is one of several new fabrics that we have seen that have a strong "nature journal" type feel.

This Chevron stripe is one of the coordinates with this fabric but I don't know-- I would have a hard time using them together.

This the pattern called Lattice.

These are the 2 chevrons that I have in my own stash and the top one is the same colorway as the Wing Study shown above. It is not shown on their website. The lower Chevron is from the Pastille Colorway and was great to edge my mom's quilt for Christmas.

We have a whole bolt of the Wing Study just waiting for you.

Thursday, February 23, 2012

New Fabric- MM Yule Trees

I know it seems wayyyyyy to early to be thinking about Christmas Holidays Fabric but you gotta get while you can. This is Michael Miller's Yule Trees. 100%cotton. There are a lot of fabrics that blend and coordinate with this one. The dots shown are a few we have in our etsy shop.
These are also Michael Miller prints so the colors will match up.

Red- That's it Dot

Santa Play Dot- Our #1 fabric for the holidays last year so we are stocking up early.

Candy Pink Dumb Dot

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Fabric Frenzy

From time to time I go on a fabric frenzy. Buying fabrics for my stash. It could be most anything.
For example this combo. The purple wiener dog- I just had to have it and the other fabric is a purple fleece. Purple is not my color but I like the combination.

And who can resist a purple wiener dog?

Cupcake Love!

This is a cupcake bundle listing for etsy. This is to celebrate our 100th sale that
we had yesterday. Yippee!
I like coordinating fabrics to work together with other notions so we put this colorful
and yummy combination together.

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

My Sock Monkey

A few posts back I posted about a sock monkey pattern for free. So I went and got some socks.
This is actually 1 of each of 2 different pairs.
I followed the directions and tried not to stray off in my own little world- as I am prone to do at times and not read the directions.

And it took a while- probably about 1 hour to cut and sew since I was learning as I went and then about 1 hour to stuff- but I did it while watching tv- so maybe not that long. It was frustrating because I could not get the fluff to be smooth. I understand the concept of a thick work sock now.

I think "she's" cute. But as I was working on her I was thinking of ways to change the pattern. I cannot help myself it is something I always do.

So I have already cut another one and will post it when I get it finished up. If you have made a sock monkey (by any pattern or your own) please send us photos and we will post.

Saturday, February 18, 2012

100th Sale Celebration

We have just listed a special listing in our Etsy shop in honor of our 100th Sale!

If you make the purchase of the 100th sale you will receive a special BONUS with your purchase!

Hurry on over and maybe you will be the lucky buyer :-)

Thanks for all of your business and for referring all of your friends....

We have just listed several new fabrics -- Check it out :-)

Meadow Wing Study by Michael Miller

Yule Trees Multi by Michael Miller