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Tuesday, February 21, 2012

My Sock Monkey

A few posts back I posted about a sock monkey pattern for free. So I went and got some socks.
This is actually 1 of each of 2 different pairs.
I followed the directions and tried not to stray off in my own little world- as I am prone to do at times and not read the directions.

And it took a while- probably about 1 hour to cut and sew since I was learning as I went and then about 1 hour to stuff- but I did it while watching tv- so maybe not that long. It was frustrating because I could not get the fluff to be smooth. I understand the concept of a thick work sock now.

I think "she's" cute. But as I was working on her I was thinking of ways to change the pattern. I cannot help myself it is something I always do.

So I have already cut another one and will post it when I get it finished up. If you have made a sock monkey (by any pattern or your own) please send us photos and we will post.

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