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Wednesday, January 18, 2012

How it Started....

I have always been interested in "The Process". So I thought the first blog post should be about how 2GirlsFabric came to be. Actually it was pretty simple- I (Joy) have always been around a great crafter, artist, seamstress, crochet queen and so on....... my mom. I got my skills from her. But this specific adventure with my best friend (Kim) started with a quilt and a conversation from Debbie Samuelson. Love it!

This wonderful quilt is a rag quilt with wonderful colors. And for some reason, it just was the inspiration to start to sew again. Kim and I are both hoarders of fabric. Joann's is the craft mecca and coupons are like gold. We spend hours on etsy browsing fabric and trends. So that is the short and sweet of it. And the adventure continues..........

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