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Thursday, January 26, 2012

A New Color? Citrine

Things change from time to time and I am always curious as to what happened. I noted before that the process is actually as interesting to me as the result. I started seeing the word Citrine used in regards to fabric color. So I was curious about this-- Citrine is a rare variety of quartz. The color ranges from a pale yellow to brownish. The name "Citrina" is derived from Latin which means yellow. Here's the stone. Very nice.
And here are some examples of fabric with the descriptive as having "citrine" as one of the colors. This is just me but I think that it is a gimmick to get around using yellow. I mean yellow is much more "common". I checked on etsy today and there were 23,959 items for citrine and 583,131 for yellow.

I actually like the color- yellow or citrine- either way. I especially like it paired with grey and we are seeing this combo on alot of new fabrics.

So when you are searching for yellow and can't find what you want- add citrine to your search and see what you get.

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